About Arden

Arden Institute’s 3 Departments, Etiquette & Protocol, Corporate Training and Frontier Career Development, brings you first-hand experience to help you take your social, personal and corporate success to the next level.  We deliver integrated courses that are streamed to systematically develop specific skills that are essential to social, personal and corporate success.

Corporate Training Department

Arden’s Corporate Training Department offers a selection of programmes and workshops tailored to a wide range of industry needs. As today’s complex global environment demands people who are more socially and culturally competent, we ensure that they are trained to distinguish themselves as business professionals with panache and finesse.

Etiquette & Protocol Department

Our Department of Etiquette & Protocol is built according to the principles of a traditional finishing school with the aim to produce ladies and young professionals who are well presented, poised and prepared for every business or social interaction.

Courses are aimed to equip students for success in everyday life by developing their social capabilities, enhancing self-confidence, and helping them to identify and develop their individual style.

Frontier Career Development

Arden’s Frontier Career Development Department delivers interactive training programmes  designed to prepare job seekers for entry into the workforce.

Courses are targeted to meet the needs of employers within emerging high-growth sectors such as tourism, aviation, hospitality, hospitals, retail services  in the BPO, and insurance and banking.